The St. James Hello Hub is located in the public courtyard of the Primary School. It is built on a steep slope by the main road that connects Entebbe International Airport and Kampala.

The Hub at is in use almost around the clock. There are always lots of younger children present, students of St. James and other schools, but also children who do not receive any formal education.

Certain hours during the day are reserved for girls and women to ensure they have fair and equal access. In the evenings, many members of the community flock to the Hub to charge their personal devices, or to access its fast and reliable Internet service.

The Hello Hub build in November 2015 coincided with school graduation, so many children, parents and other community members came to support Hello World team during the work.

Once the Hello Hub was up and running, the community made contact via Skype with Prof Sugata Mitra, the pioneer of the “Hole in the Wall” experiment who helped bring the potential of self-organised learning environments to the public’s attention.

The teachers who were present at the call were very interested in the SOLE approach and were keen to know how to integrate the Hub into their lessons.

14 months later this is exactly what they have done. Students use the Hub before, after and during class for research, assignments, homework and play. Teachers use it to research and prepare lesson plans and to expand their teaching materials.

It is fascinating to see how the students’ education is supported by the use of this digital learning platform. This will undoubtedly continue to evolve even further in the years to come.

For the Director of St. James Primary School, Annette Musisi, the aim is clear:

“We live in a society. If we as a school are able to teach our students computer and Internet skills from an early age, we are a good way towards becoming one of the best performing schools in our area. This is our vision for St. James, and the Hello Hub will enable us to achieve this goal.”