Huffington Post: Born lucky

Katrin Macmillan, CEO and Founder of Projects For All, writes about the individuals and families fleeing from conflict, and how she hopes that her organisation can find the support to get Project Hello World to refugee camps all over the world, so people can get past the fences we erect and dive into the world's knowledge - to learn, read, watch movies and find friends and mentors from other countries.

"Hello World was started because we refuse to tolerate a world without hope, without a window to a better life. And that is what education can be."

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Salon: The importance of digital literacy in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan there are digital and gender divides that restrict who has access to information and communication technologies and education. Women are usually restricted from both. CEO and Founder of Projects For All, Katrin Macmillan, talks to SALON Magazine about her experience in Suleja, Nigeria, building a Hello Hub with the community and finding a way to ensure equal access.

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