Katrin Macmillan: A school isn’t just a building. So much more is needed to make education a success.

If you have spent any time in Africa, it is impossible not to be affected by the multitude of problems that people are facing every day. The future of the continent, and its ability to play its part on the world stage, will depend critically on the quality of education that children receive. Even when a country is in turmoil, if children have access to a stable educational system, the groundwork for future progress will be established. This is critical on so many levels, not just for individual achievement but for economic and political stability, and as a counter to ignorance and terrorism.

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RIAD: Uganda gets connected with the help of Keena and Hello World

Photographers have the remarkable ability to capture and share the beauty of humanity with people around the world. It is in this spirit that Keena and Stebs, Keena’s long time best friend and creative accomplice, reached out to Projects For All, a non-profit that brings off-the-grid learning centers and internet hubs to communities with no access to education. Keena and Stebs offered to create content the organization could use to promote Hello World, their initiative to reach the remote villages of Africa and help them get internet access. 

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