"Vulnerable communities across the world deserve connectivity,
access to information and opportunities to learn."


Hello World is the flagship project of Projects For All. It provides educational resources and Internet connectivity to the most isolated and vulnerable communities across the globe. We do this by building solar-powered, outdoor Internet kiosks— 'Hello Hubs'—so that underprivileged children and adults can educate themselves, communicate with others, and have a voice in the global community. Hello Hubs reach three times as many students as a traditional school at five per cent of the cost.

We have one vision: Universal education. Anything less is work in progress. 
* UNESCO Institute for Statistics/Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, July 2016


Our values are the foundation for the way we interact with communities, partners, funders, and each other. They ensure that everything we do is aligned to bring education to those who need it the most. 


Project Hello World has been designed to be respectful of the individuals in each community with whom we work closely, and over a prolonged time, to understand their most pressing needs, as well as their challenges. Community members are engaged throughout the process of developing, building and maintaining a Hello Hub.



Mutual trust is the foundation for community-led development projects. We trust in the shared interest of every individual member to improve the collective community, and they trust Project Hello World to deliver the best possible solution for their needs. Such a partnership entails working together to plan, build and manage Hello Hubs and to ensure that everyone has equal access to them.


Community-led development is at the very heart of Project Hello World. It ensures sustainability, social accountability, and security. A Hello Hub belongs to the community we built it with. Members of the community  get involved from the beginning, work with us to help assess the problem, receive training, and ultimately take over the project in its entirety.



Hello Hubs give children—and adults—the opportunity to explore the world’s body of knowledge without limitation, led by their natural curiosity and desire to learn. The Hubs allow them to share their stories, play online with friends around the world and discover what it means to be a global citizen. Exploration is a key factor for individuals to become instruments of their own progression.


The Hello Hub technology and methods are open source. Take them, make them, improve them, spread them—with causes this important,the more minds the better. Open source access encourages further learning among community members, but it also means that  a news project can be initiated  in  other communities that are in need of connectivity and access to education.


We don’t do development work. At Projects For All we build development partnerships, which means we foster an equal and respectful partnership with the communities we work with. We don’t build Hello Hubs for them. Instead, we teach them how to build, maintain and repair them, with our support. We also ask community members to invest in their Hello Hub by giving their time, skills, labour and land to the project.