Kidubuli, Uganda, in the Tooro Kingdom, is a remote village of around 800 people, more than half of who are teenagers and children. Matoke trees and the ancient Kyaninga volcano provide a spectacular and lush backdrop to this small community which is characterised by a rich and vibrant culture. It is here, 300km west of the capital of Kampala, that we built our first Hello Hub in Uganda.

Local schools are few and far between in the area, and too few children are able to access them. Because of these severe limited educational opportunities, the community decided to collaborate with Projects For All in October 2015. Their shared common goal was to bring education to the children of Kidubuli—and they began to build a Hello Hub.

The whole community of Kidubuli participated in the build of the Hello Hub. An enthusiastic team of all ages helped the project take shape over the course of two weeks.

It was a powerful and emotional moment when the Hub went live, and Kidubuli had power and Internet access for the very first time.

Since then, the Hello Hub has been in almost constant use, from early morning until late at night.

The Hub is mainly used by children and teenagers, but the adults are learning quickly from the younger generation and are starting to appreciate the value of this educational innovation.

Women and girls are still the minority of users but their interest in participating and learning is stronger than ever. In an endeavor to promote equality, Hello World has initiated classes to teach the community members—particularly women and girls—how to use their Hello Hub and take advantage of what it has to offer.