Working together in New York, and in the field: Hello World and Avenues: The World School

End of last year, Project Hello World and Avenues: The World School, New York, began a partnership to make quality education accessible to all. Our collaboration is wide-ranging, and covers research, development, and programming. The partnership brings together the development expertise of Hello World and the educational innovation of Avenues.

STUDEnts of avenues: the world school are building a hello hub in class.  

STUDEnts of avenues: the world school are building a hello hub in class.  

The common goal of this collaboration is to understand how technology can benefit students academically and on a social level, and to document and research the challenges associated with technology-based learning in remote places. Together, we also aim to enhance the usability and reliability of our Internet kiosks, the Hello Hubs.

In November, the Project Hello World team travelled to New York to put their ideas into practice. With a focus on student-driven learning we aimed to find out exactly how and what students learn when using the Hello Hubs.

"Our collaboration is wide-ranging."

Our team became part of the Avenues community both in and out of the classroom. We taught alongside Avenues teachers in classes on Design and Engineering, Programming, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Together we built a Hello Hub in the Tech Incubation class—the first ever Hub in North America. Between classes we had speaking engagements with parents, staff and students that highlighted our work at Project Hello World.  

During our two weeks at the school we were able to refine our development objectives and we added a new dimension to the Avenues community. Our partnership will enable students from Avenues and students at the Hello Hubs to connect via the Internet and to maintain this important and ground-breaking connection for years to come.

Drew Edwards, Manager Project Hello World