Project Our Heroes

We are delighted to announce a spinoff from Project Hello World in Nigeria: Our Heroes! It’s a simple program to provide critical support to the most committed and best-positioned change makers in a community. The Our Heroes program provides a basic salary to the Hero, giving them security and stability, so that they can focus on addressing the urgent problems around them. The Heroes are working on the front line of the battle for basic human rights, against significant odds. We know how hard it is to raise salaries, and so we wanted to take that struggle away from these brave women, so that they can continue to do more of their critical work without distraction or hardship. Our embedded community-led process for building Hello Hubs gives us a unique ability to find out who is doing humanitarian work in Africa for no money or recognition. We are delighted to share the unbelievable courage and selfless focus of Our Heroes. Here they are….

Our Hero – Gift Augustine

Gift is a trained nurse. A natural organizer and leader, Gift coordinated groups of women to tackle the practices of; female genital mutilation, breast ironing and sleeping with the dead. Gift trains teams of community volunteers who travel to at-­risk villages to talk to the men and women about the dangers and injustices of these practices. Her one-to-one hands on approach has been enormously successful and she has saved countless girls from these violent and harmful practices. Gift is tireless and has committed her life to saving others. Here is Gift talking about her work: 

Our Hero – Aisha Sani

Aisha is volunteer vigilante police officer. She is horrified by the prevalence of sexual assault in her community and, with no resources at all, she is determined to fight it. Aisha persuaded government and police officials to let her travel in the police vehicle whenever a child or woman is arrested; the simple act of bearing witness in this way prevents the women and children from being raped in police custody. As well as preventing rapes, Aisha also fights for justice for children who have been raped. She raises money (by begging) to pay medical examiners to check rape victims and lawyers to prosecute on their behalf. She very often takes in rape victims in to her own home. When we met Aisha she had a 12 year old rape survivor living with her and she was prosecuting a case on behalf of a 3-year old boy. This work has put Aisha is personal danger but she is not cowed: She is fighting to protect children who otherwise have no one to fight for them. See Aisha talk about her work here:  

We urgently need to raise funds to support Aisha’s work to protect so many children from rape, homelessness and assault. Please help us. 100% of your donation will go directly to Aisha. If you would like to support Aisha’s work then please drop me an email at Thank you.