With your support we can start to turn the tables and give thousands more children across the globe access to a new, groundbreaking approach to learning. Traditional approaches cannot hope to meet the demand. Even if we were to combine all of the available worldwide funding for educational projects, we would still be left with millions of children without access to schools, teachers or learning materials.

A new paradigm for learning is needed to tackle the education deficit, and Hello World has a practical and cost-effective solution: the Hello Hub, a solar-powered outdoor Internet kiosk loaded with educational resources that provides underprivileged children with the opportunity to explore the world’s body of knowledge without limitation, led by their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

We urgently need your support to reach thousands more children across the globe. We have to act now.

Over the remaining 10 days until Christmas, we are reaching out to friends and family, followers and collaborators, to ask if you can help us build on our plans to bring education to even more disadvantaged children in 2017.

For only £10, a Hello Hub can educate one child for five years. 

By giving £30 you will provide three children with access to education.

Your support will bring opportunities to thousands of children who deserve better. You will help us to work towards a world where ambitions are not pipedreams but realistic pathways to a brighter future.

Thank you!

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Source: In 2014, 263 million children were out of school globally, according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics/Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, July 2016