We are very fortunate to have the support of so many people worldwide who believe in our work and support our mission. If you want to be one of them, please get in touch, and help us cover the world.




The Lessons for Life Foundation is the main sponsors of our Hello Hubs in Uganda. They have taken the significant step of making a rollout possible for Hello World. We are grateful for their partnership and support. Together we have connected many thousands of children to educational resources and the Internet in Uganda.



Thanks to the support and generous funding of Stephen Dawson and The Cobalt Trust we were able to build four Hello Hubs in two communities in Uganda. We are very proud to work with Stephen and have greatly benefited from his experience and insight into the charity sector.


We met Drew Edwards through a chance encounter at 2014 SXSW in Austin, Texas. Drew, and the work of Pangea Education Development (PED), are the reason that we have decided to take Hello World to Uganda, and we could not have found better partners in this work. Their respectful  approach to working with communities feels just right to us at Projects for All. 



Stebs Schinnerer, a filmmaker from San Francisco, called Katrin out of the blue. He had read something about Hello World on his Facebook feed and wanted to help reach more children with access to the Internet and education. We had a call and within an hour, Stebs was planning to fly to Uganda to document the Hello Hub build. He brought his amazing and talented friends and colleagues along for the journey to help us tell our story. Stebs made our beautiful film, made us laugh on the build, and got busy helping us figure out a new brand, website, and a way to let people know what we have been working on. Stebs didn’t just show up and do a job, he stayed to listen and learn alongside the communities. You are reading this because Stebs made it possible to get our work out there.



Photographer Justin Keena jumped on a flight at the last possible moment to join us on a Hello Hub build in Uganda, documenting our work with the community. His beautiful, tender and respectful photos are all over our website and are documented in a gorgeous book (to be released soon). A delight to work with, he was a natural addition to our team, working long and late, putting his camera aside to teach the children at the Hubs, and truly listening to the people in front of his lens.



The Barbarians taught us how to share our work with the world. They built us our projectsforall.org site and developed our brand and social networks.



Since we are a global organisation, it is incredibly important to us that we have a well-crafted brand that speaks to people young and old in every country. Hovercraft took time to work on and our mission statement, crafting the beautiful brand identity you see at the head of our communication. The logo, colours, and overall themes of their design will live for us for years to come.


Global {M}

Nick and his team lent us support for our marketing and communications when we were critically short staffed. Global M is a tech company that believes in taking responsibility for more than just business and we are proud to know them.



We were inspired by Dr Sugata Mitra's “Hole in the Wall” project and so we called him to talk about how we might build on his research. This was the basis for Hello World. Sugata took our calls, guided us, shared his experiences and has championed our work. We are so proud of his support and so grateful for his inspiration and research.



Andrew Kimball has painstakingly assembled our financial records and reports with enormous care and expertise. This is a thankless task, and Andrew has taken it on with dedication.Andrew Kimball has painstakingly assembled our financial records and reports with enormous dedication, care and expertise. This is a tthankless and large task, and Andrew has taken it on with dedication.


In 2014, Surina generously hosted the most spectacular dinner at her home in London to support Hello World and bring our community together. Surina has tirelessly championed our work and supported us with her networks and expertise.


Monica Hargrove has used her talent for design to work closely with us to create a beautiful hard cover book which we aim to launch in 2017. Though Monica’s efforts thus far cannot be understated, she will be praised much more upon its release.



Using his seasoned skill for honing the voice of organisations, Pete Louison lent his hand in refining ours. There is a lot to say in our line of work, and if we didn't have Pete to reign us in, this website may be filled with far too much blabbing.




We built our first Ugandan Hello Hub in Kidubuli. We are so grateful to the people of Kidubuli for their warm welcome, their tireless work and their investment in building and maintaining their Hello Hub. We made friends for life, and we are so happy to be connected to them through the Internet from their Hello Hub. Thank you Kidubuli, we will see you soon.



Anna Southgate
Rupert Pybus
Kathryn and Andrew Kimball

Stephen Dawson
Sue and Ian Filby
Canning Trust
Marcus and Vicki Exall
Richard Herb
Sophie Kelly
Knickerbockerglory TV
Ceinwen McMillan
Maegan and Lane Merrifield
Laura Southgate

An enduring "Thank You" to the Hello World Founding Trustees, who got us up and running and will always be part of our work.

Ceinwen McMillan
Duncan McMillan
Geoff Wells
Lai Yahaya

Margarita Aswani
Derek Johns
Edward Elgar
Jonathan Stadlen


Marcus Exall
Sophie Kelly
Tom Adams
Surina Narula MBE
Sugata Mitra
Anna Southgate
Julian Wolfson
Andrew Kimball



Tom Adams
AirTel Uganda
Habiba Ali
Mark Allsopp
Gordon Anderson
Mark Anderson
Margarita Aswani
Abu Augustine
Gift Augustine
Sophie Ball
Mark Barber
Nabeela Bari
Hillary Basemeza
Victoria Bayigga
Jack Beacher
Lucinda Belle
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Elizabeth Brown
Eric Burnett
Kate Catherall
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Anthony Cenera
Liliane Chan
Childnet UK
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Cobalt Trust
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John Davy
Stephen Dawson
Drew Edwards
Edward Elgar
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Laura Elgar
John Emmert
Marcus Exall
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Sue and Ian Filby
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Global {M}
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Sophie Kelly
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Kathryn and Andrew Kimball
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Lessons For Life Foundation
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Cressida and Hugh Adams-Macmillan
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Lane Merrifield
Misfit Inc.
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Pangea Development Education
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